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The Ultimate Guide to Buying hermes replica Bags

Looking to purchase a Birkin dupe bag? I wanted to create this guide to help you know exactly what to look for when shopping for one. We’ll cover everything from what a Birkin dupebag is to where you can buy one.

Unlike purchasing an authentic Hermès bag, shopping for a replica is not a straightforward exercise and requires one to be a well informed shopper.

Before we get into more details on what to look for when shopping for a Birkin dupebag or where to buy one let’s first go over the Hèrmes brand and the legacy it carries.

Understanding the Hermès Brand

Quick Summary of The Hermès Legacy

Hermès transcends being a mere brand; it embodies a legacy symbolizing the pinnacle of luxury and timeless elegance. Since its establishment in 1837 in Paris, this prestigious French retailer has set unparalleled standards in the realm of fashion and accessories. Renowned for their meticulous craftsmanship, Hermès products epitomize opulence, with the Birkin and Kelly bags standing as timeless icons. These handbags aren’t just accessories; they’re investments and status symbols. The Birkin, named after actress Jane Birkin, and the Kelly, in honor of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco, hold significant places in fashion history. Fashioned using the finest materials and an unwavering focus on intricate details, these bags transcend being purses; they are true works of art. Each stitch and fold narrates a tale of heritage, excellence, and opulence. Possessing a Birkin or Kelly is akin to entering an exclusive realm, signifying not only affluence but also an appreciation for enduring sophistication.

Celebrity Influence

Hermès, the high-end French retailer known for selling luxury bags – specifically the Birkin and Kelly bags used to be a brand that was mostly recognized by fashion fanatics who could afford to indulge in these pricey pieces. However it is fair to say that in the last couple of years Hermès has become more mainstream, especially with social media, and the Birkin bag has become a sort of cultural icon in the sense that it represents the creme de la creme of designer bags.

Celebrities have long been the trendsetters in fashion, and their embrace of Hermès Birkin and Kelly bags has exponentially elevated the bags’ status as cultural icons. From Victoria Beckham’s well-publicized collection of Birkins to Kim Kardashian being spotted with her customized pieces, celebrities have made these bags synonymous with glamour, wealth, and sophistication. The influence doesn’t stop there. The bags often make appearances in popular TV shows, movies, and on the red carpet, further boosting their desirability and iconic status.

birkin dupe
Celebrities carrying Birkin bags.

When a celebrity is seen with a Birkin or Kelly, it’s not just a fashion statement; it’s a proclamation of their place in the echelons of fame and success. These bags are often viewed as investments, not just by financial standards but as a long-lasting mark of cultural and social capital. Therefore, the celebrity influence plays a critical role in perpetuating the bags’ legacy, making them not just objects of desire but veritable icons in their own right.

What exactly is a Birkin dupe Bag?

Hermès birkin dupe are a copy of their authentic counterparts which are often sold at a fraction of the cost. Replica bags make the Hermès experience more attainable for a wider range of shoppers.

High-quality birkin dupe are meticulously crafted to mimic the design, texture, and even the minutiae like stitching and hardware of authentic Hermès bags. This level of detail appeals to both fashion enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry in a well-made bag, as well as practical shoppers who desire the Hermès aesthetic without the five-figure expense.

Why Choose a Birkin dupe Over Authentic Bags

Why are some people, even the wealthy, leaning towards replicas? Here’s why.


Authentic Hermès bags are not only expensive but also notoriously difficult to acquire. Waiting lists can stretch on for years, and there’s no guarantee of eventually getting the exact design or material you desire. High-quality replicas offer immediate availability.

Economic Sense:

While a genuine Hermès bag could be considered an investment, its high upfront cost and the uncertainty of resale value can be off-putting. Replicas, being significantly less expensive, offer a way to enjoy the prestige and design without the hefty financial commitment.


Before investing in a real Birkin or Kelly, some choose to try out birkin dupe to gauge if the style suits their needs and lifestyle. The replica serves as a “test run.”

Fear of Damage or Loss:

Owning a high-end luxury bag comes with its own set of anxieties like damage or theft. With a replica, the emotional and financial risks are significantly reduced.

Social Flexibility:

The social circles of the wealthy can be surprisingly diverse. In settings where flaunting a five or six-figure bag might be considered gauche or attract unwanted attention, a high-quality replica offers a convenient compromise.

Fashion Fluidity:

Fashion trends evolve rapidly. Investing in an authentic luxury bag that might go out of vogue can seem unwise to those who prefer to keep up with the latest styles. Replicas offer a way to adapt to changing tastes without financial repercussions.


Advances in manufacturing have led to replicas that are almost indistinguishable from the real thing in terms of craftsmanship and quality, making them an attractive option for discerning buyers.

Storytime: Read about my friend who bought a replica of her $85,000 Birkin bag…

Now if you have thousands laying around and want to buy the real deal, all I have to say to you is, “all the power to you”! Spend your money as you wish. However I know for a fact that there are a lot of rich socialites who are exclusively buying replica Hermès bags ever since they have discovered how close they are to the real deal.

I mean I can even share with you that I know one lady who is a multi-millionaire in the Southwest, lives in a huge mansion, has real Hermès bags, and still purchases copies of her original Hermès bags as replicas. This includes a stunning crocodile Rose Mexico Shiny Porosus Crocodile Birkin 30 PHW.

Yes my friends – this means that this individual who could afford and did buy a Hermès Birkin that was worth over $85,000 USD actually purchased a copy of her said $85,000 bag in order to prevent her real one from being needlessly damaged.

You and I both know there is a stigma around birkin dupe, and luxury puritans can get very obsessive and combative when the idea of a replica is even discussed around them. However in the “real world” there are discreet multi-millionaires who are indulging in replica Hermès bags as much as they are indulging in authentic Hermès bags.

And I mean who can blame them? If you are purchasing authentic Hermès birkin bags it is akin to an investment. Why not get a birkin dupe Hermès bag made for 10% of the price to use in order to protect your investment in an authentic bag which you may only want to use a few times a year?

Quality differences between Birkin dupe Bags

This is the same model of the bag my friend had birkin dupe. Believe it or not she kept both her authentic and replica version of the bags.

Please note that there are different qualities of replica bags, and when it comes to Birkin dupebags there is no exception in terms of navigating these different types of qualities. Understanding the difference in quality can save you from a lot of regrets. What do I mean by this?

Well there are two types of Birkin dupe bags (machine made and handmade) as outlined in the chart below:

Handmade bags are superior in every way as they are made using the same techniques as official Hermès workshops. However in the world of replicas we all know that the devil is in the details and there is even a difference between a good handmade Birkin dupeversus a less good one.

birkin dupe

What Makes a Good Handmade Hermès birkin dupe ?

In order to score the best quality handmade replica birkin dupe handbag you will need to ensure that you know how to judge a replica bag. This involves being educated on everything about Hermès bags when it comes to their construction and design including:

  • bag shape or structure,
  • top handle shape or structure
  • leather types,
  • leather sources,
  • hardware materials, and
  • stitching.

The photo above is of a Hermès birkin dupe replica bag. This was one of the first replica bags I ever purchased and boy oh boy did I learn a lot from this “lemon”. Click here to read the full review.

Generally there is a big difference between a replica Hermès bag that you can buy on Canal Street versus one you can purchase from an artisanal factory in Asia that seeks to mimic the original product to the closest degree possible.

What to Expect When Shopping for a Birkin dupe Bag

Navigating through the buying process requires some know-how. Here’s what to expect.

Choosing the Right Seller for birkin dupe

When shopping for replica Hermès bags you can expect to deal with sellers which are primarily located in Asia. These sellers have a wide range of experience and you should aim to shop with the ones that have been crafting replica Hermès handbags for years SHOP NOW

Such dealers are usually the ones with the best product as they have perfected the craft of remaking Hermès bags including paying attention to the finer details that really point to whether a bag is authentic or replica. So when shopping make sure that you always ask a seller how long they have been making Hermès replicas.

Understand Order Timelines

If the bag you are purchasing will be custom made or handmade then you must also take note that it will take time for your bag to be completed. This is a much different experience than simply purchasing a replica Hermès bag off the shelf.

Top tier replica dealers usually have workshops which are identical to that of Hermès itself. It is within these workshops that bags are made, and timing wise it can take up to two months (in my experience) for a bag to be completed. Of course different factors can influence timing (e.g. whether you are buying during a more busy or less busy period). When you are shopping for a replica Hermès bag make sure to keep these sort of timelines in mind.

Payment Methods

In terms of payment, shopping for replicas differs from shopping for authentic designer handbags in that you must be prepared to pay through non-traditional routes. I personally have had to pay through money transfer services as well as Bitcoin for replica products in the past. Sometimes however you may get lucky and are able to pay through more traditional (and simpler) means such as a credit card or Paypal.

Generally, there is a lot to keep in mind when shopping for any replica product – let alone a Birkin dupehandbag. Scroll down below to read five important shopping tips that I’d suggest you have at the forefront of your mind when considering shopping for a Hermès replica.

Shopping Tips for Birkin dupe Bags

If you think you are ready to explore the world of Hermès replicas, and are contemplating buying a replica Hermès handbag (whether it be a Birkin, Kelly, or otherwise) then make sure you pay attention to the following tips:

Don’t cheap out – buy a high quality replica Hermès birkin dupe bag

The most important piece of advice I can offer you is: if you are thinking about buying a replica Hermès bag do not do so unless you are ready to invest between $1500 to $4000 in a very high quality replica Hermès bag. To spend any less means you will likely get burned, and waste your money. If you are thinking about ordering a Hermès bag made from an exotic leather then you can expect to pay up to 10% of the authentic bag’s price tag (yes that means some replica Hermès bags go up to $20,000 if they are made of the more pricey exotic leathers).

There is a reason why Hermès bags are expensive in the first place, and if you want a high quality product then you need to spend the requisite amount of money on a Birkin dupeto ensure you end up with a good quality replica handbag.

Pay attention to the leather

Hermès bags are fairly simplistic in terms of design, and it can be argued that what ultimately ‘make’ their bags iconic is their leather quality and structure. Hermès is known for its use of premium leathers. Replica Hermès manufacturers that are serious about their bags typically source leathers from Europe. This includes the following heritage leathers that Hermès is most known for: naturelle leather, box leather, barenia leather, butler leather, and tadelakt leather.

When you are shopping for a replica Hermès bag make sure you ask the replica seller what quality their leather is, and where their leather is manufactured. Keep in mind that when it comes to the more exotic leathers such as crocodile or ostrich, these leathers are often sourced from non-European countries including as far as in the continent of Africa.

birkin dupz

Examine the stitching – Hermès birkin dupe bags are stitched by hand

As a fan of Hermès, I can say that what I adore most about Hermès bags (regardless of whether it is an authentic or replica Hermès bag) is the stitching on the bag. I love how the stitching looks, and my favorite Hermès bags are the ones with stitching that contrasts with the color of the leather on the bag (as pictured below). On their official website it is stated that, “an icon of its time and for all time, a Hermès bag is the fruit of many hours at an artisan’s table, whose every stitch is applied by hand in a precise and constantly repeated gesture.”

Check the hardware – it should be either gold plated brass or silver palladium

The hardware on a Hermès bag is just as important as every other feature on the bag. Authentic Hermès bags are made from either gold plated brass (called GHW for short) or from palladium (called PHW for short). For Hermès bags with gold hardware 18-karat gold plating is typically used, however it is important to note that some rarer styles may actually come with 24-karat gold plated hardware.

If you are buying a top quality replica Hermès bag then the replica manufacturer should note that they sell hardware made from the exact same materials as Hermès bags, and this includes being placed with REAL gold for bags that are made with gold hardware. If you come across a replica manufacture that looks like the real deal otherwise but does not have this kind of hardware then you are NOT buying a top quality Birkin dupehandbag.

Start simple

If you find a replica manufacturer or dealer who looks legit and you feel like you are ready to take the next step and purchase a bag from them I suggest that you go “light” at first by which I mean that you should order a more simple bag at first. That means I don’t suggest purchasing a more pricey exotic leather Birkin or Kelly as your first replica Hermès purchase, but instead perhaps you should go for the more simple leathers.

My golden rule when shopping for replica items (whether it be a replica bag, replica shoe, replica watch, replica scarf, replica jewelry or whatever) is to start small, vet a seller, and then order more if I am happy with the quality.

Where to Buy High-Quality Birkin dupeBags

If your curiosity about replica Hermès bags is still piqued and you’re eager to make a purchase, you’re likely contemplating where to find a reliable seller. You might be asking yourself, “Where can I purchase the finest Birkin dupe bag?” It’s a valid and important question, considering the constant emergence and disappearance of replica dealers in the market.

My personal philosophy is to try to establish a relationship with a reputable seller whom I can return to time after time again. To this end, I have compiled a list of sellers that are tried, tested, and true (based on my experiences as well as the experiences of other trusted friends who are experienced with shopping for replicas). You can see that list of trusted dealers by clicking the link below:

Final Thoughts: Are Birkin dupeBags Worth It?

A Birkin dupe bag isn’t merely a cheap knockoff; it embodies high-quality craftsmanship and closely mirrors an authentic Hermès bag. As previously discussed, Birkin dupe bags are an investment, reflecting nearly identical features to the original. Comparatively, the price of a Birkin dupe bag is substantially lower, often saving you up to 90% while maintaining a striking resemblance to the genuine Hermès handbag.

The savings on Birkin dupe bags are incredibly tempting, making it hard not to envision expanding your collection without a hefty price tag. It’s no wonder that shopping for Hermès replicas has evolved into a passion for enthusiasts, almost akin to a thrilling sport.

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