Lushentic quality Grade Also Appreciate That The Materials Are Sourced From The Same Place As Hermes Company Uses.


Lushentic quality Grade ! it’s great to hear that the our bags are hand-stitched and handmade using 100% genuine leather


hermes custom

Customize: The finest leather,Full handmade, GHW Lushentic Grade quality!

Custom Hermes Bags - LushenticBags: We exclusively source authentic animal leather and exotic skins from Europe, South-east Asia, and Australia. These premium materials empower our clients to personalize their handbags with an authentic touch, closely resembling the original Browse our exquisite selection online, including custom Birkin, Constance, and Kelly bags. Can't find what you're looking for? Our dedicated personal shopper service will procure it exclusively for you. Experience luxury with our handcrafted custom Hermes bags tailored to your style. Visit our website to explore our collection. .Trust LushenticBags for an unparalleled shopping experience."

All the photos of the products display on the site are taken from our actual products.

Lushentic quality Grade

10% OFF

On All orders above $2000

Lushentic quality Grade

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